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Smoking Ceremonies & Welcome to Country

Aboriginal Culture is one rooted in deep respect—respect for each other, for Lore and for land. Lore is a big part of our culture and everything NNTC does.

Traditionally, if mobs ever had to cross on to neighbouring lands, they would first seek permission. If granted, a ceremony would take place to grant the travellers safe passage while on their land.

Today, this practice has evolved into what we know as a Welcome to Country.

A representative of NNTC will perform a cleansing smoking ceremony and recite an appropriate Welcome to Country, to ensure the success of events held on the traditional lands of the Nari People.


Guest Speaker Appearances

NNTC representatives can deliver an engaging talk on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to

  • Culture

  • Caring for Country

  • The importance of environmental flows

  • The success of NNTC as an organisation, and the various projects being undertaken


NNTC also applies a standard rate of travel and meal allowances, for guest speaker appearances.

Gayini_TNC_@Annette Ruzicka_62.JPG

Access to Country

NNTC owns more than 100,000 hectares of beautifully unique landscapes, rich with natural and Cultural assets, and is open to discussions with high level tour operators, and self-sufficient school or academic groups. Gayini Conservation Area can cater for groups of up to up to 18.

Cattle at Sunrise

Stock & Agistment

Nari Nari Tribal Council owns a modest flock of Merino Cross sheep, and XX cattle, used to offer employment and fund the on-going environmental works on conservation areas at Toogimbie and Gayini.

Nari Nari Tribal Council often has agistment opportunities.

Please contact Stock Manager Allen Doidge on 0450 817 151 to discuss.



Similarly, Nari Nari Tribal Council owns and manages irrigated farmland, under the regenerative agriculture philosophy. Please contact Chair Jamie Woods on 0412 542 729 to discuss


Machinery & Operator Hire

NNTC has a range of well-maintained heavy machinery, available as wet hire, with an experienced operator.

Hire is available for short- and longer-term agreements, by negotiation.

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